• Our DNA-services

    Mats Falk started this new and unique service to give you the option of using a simple DNA test, to find out about if your family history is true. Genealogy can now really come a step further, using advanced DNA technology. Learn More
  • Safe and simple

    As soon as the payment has been made, the test package is send to the address you have given, along with complete instructions. The Test Package contains, four buccal swabs and a postage-paid reply envelope. Put the buccal swabs after scraping the inside of the cheeks, in the provided envelope and return it as soon as possible thereafter. Learn More
  • Quality and warranty

    To ensure our laboratory’s top performance in all aspects of our testing services, we participate in several voluntary accreditation programs. These programs verify the reliability of our equipment, the qualifications of our laboratory staff, and the soundness of our testing methods and standard operating procedures. Learn More

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