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This is how easily you take a test

As soon as the payment has been made, the test package is send to the address you have given, along with complete instructions. The Test Package contains, four buccal swabs and a postage-paid reply envelope. Put the buccal swabs after scraping the inside of the cheeks, in the provided envelope and return it as soon as possible thereafter.


The ORDER/BUY section contains all available tests for purchase. After checkout, you will be redirected to the PayPal website to go through with your payment.


Treatment of personal information is done with the consent from all persons who are included in our DNA testing (§ 4 Data Inspection Statutes (Difs) 2001:1). Persons under 15 years of age need parental consent.

All our DNA tests, assumes that all individuals tested, while giving their permission for us to process personal information.


Depending on the type of test you ordered, our lab needs some process time of working days (read on each test) from that we have received your sample, to the answer of the analysis to be provided to you. We will send you the result by e-mail where all the information is available. If you prefer that we send you the results by mail, it takes a few extra days.


All physical materials such as test package and responses are delivered in plain, neutral packaging. Your submitted DNA, will be destroyed three months after the analysis is complete and no third party, organization or agency can take some of the information you provide. We guarantee full confidentiality throughout the process.

14 days right to return

We offer 14 days right to return on ordering DNA testing as long as it is returned in a good state and unopened. If you choose to cancel a purchase, you should send the test package in unopened, back to us within 14 days from order date. When the test package is returned the amount will be refunded to your account within a few days.


We always do our best for you to be satisfied with our products but if something still goes wrong: Please sign clear faults as quickly as possible. Disclaimer of our test results: At any damage incurred: We replace injury up to and including the price of the test. Reclamations and product returns is sent to adress:

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