Twin Zygosity Test

Twin zygosity DNA testing from DNA Diagnostics Centre can conclusively determine whether twin siblings are identical twins or fraternal twins. Twins and parents of twins often initiate this type of genetic test to satisfy their personal curiosity. Others initiate twin testing as a safeguard for possible future medical emergencies—identical twins are perfect organ and tissue donors for one another.

Identical twins develop from a single zygote—the union of one egg cell and one sperm cell during conception. Because they come from a single zygote that splits during its early development, identical twins share the same DNA profile.

Fraternal twins develop from two zygotes—two egg cells that were fertilized by two sperm cells. Because they come from two zygotes, fraternal twins have different DNA profiles. Their profiles can be as different as any two non-twin siblings’ profiles can be.
By comparing the genetic profiles of twins, DNA Diagnostics Centre can definitively determine which type of twins they are.
Delivery of results takes 2 business days once we have received the sample.

Twin Zygosity Test

Twin Zygosity Test

20 Loci Test

This is the industry standard test, nothing more is required. The price for testing two persons including a prepaid reply envelope (customers outside Sweden pay postage):  1995 SEK ORDER

25 Loci Test

This DNA test, we offer those who want more detailed DNA analysis. The price for a wider test of two persons including a prepaid reply envelope (customers outside Sweden pay postage):  2995 SEK ORDER

Legal Twin Zygosity Test

Bernadotte & Falk AB also offers Twin Zygosity tests for legal validity – Chain Of Custody. To be legally admissible, the sample donors’ identities must be verified and a Chain Of Custody must be established for all samples and documents involved. Price: 3695 SEK ORDER

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