Royal DNA test to all lines

Bernadotte / others regardless of family lines.

If you suppose that your lineage is entirely paternal, you should instead choose the Bernadotte DNA (Y chromosome) test, that you find in the right column, or click Bernadotte Test.

Bernadotte & Falk can exclusively offer a new DNA test regardless of lineage. We all, both men and women inherit so-called autosomal DNA. The new DNA tests make it possible to determine kinship up to 5-7 generations back.

Please note that DNA testing can only identify kinship with the family tree shown below. Which branch your relationship is based on, can not our DNA tests show. If you have facts that indicate that relationship may be, for example, through documents, gifts or family related stories, the DNA tests can be an important piece of the puzzle that can completely dismiss or prove that the relationship actually exists.

Probability of the results:

If you have a common relative as follows:

1. 2nd cousins Probability over 99%
2. 3rd cousins Probability 90%
3. 4th cousins Probability 50%
4. 5th cousins Probability 10%
5. 6th cousins Probability  2%


If you are 3rd cousins, is the probability of the answer about 90%. This means that we can prove kinship in 9 of 10 cases.
If you are 4th cousins is the probability of the response around 50%. This means that we can prove kinship in 1 of 2 cases.

Family tree

If you are biologically related to someone in the family tree, we can very likely discover it in the first five generations back. We have for each ancestor, marked with what probability, the test will detect your relationship.

See family tree.


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