mtDNA Comparison Test

Our mtDNA comparison test is a valuable tool for determining whether individuals are biologically related through their mothers’ side of the family. This test directly compares your DNA with a possible relative’s DNA to verify if you are related via a maternal line. This is contrasted to the maternal lineage test, which determines your ancestral haplogroup based on your DNA alone.

The term mtDNA is short for mitochondrial DNA, a type of DNA that is found in the mitochondria, or energy-producing “powerhouses,” of the cells. Mitochondrial DNA is passed from a mother to her children, making it useful for tracing individuals’ maternal lineage. (While both sons and daughters inherit mtDNA from their mothers, only daughters can pass their mtDNA to their children).

In an mtDNA maternal lineage test, the tested parties’ mtDNA is sequenced (the order of the DNA molecules in their mtDNA is determined). These sequences are then compared to determine whether or not the individuals share the same maternal line. The mtDNA sequences of maternally related individuals will have predictable similarities. Note: While Y-chromosome comparative analysis can determine whether males are paternally related, it cannot determine the nature of the relationship—whether they are father/son, uncle/nephew, grandfather/grandson, etc.

An mtDNA maternal lineage test requires the participation of two or more people who would like to know if they are biologically related through their mothers. The tested parties can be male or female—unlike the participants of Y-chromosome DNA testing, who must be male.

The fee for mtDNA sequence analysis including two person, there is no limit to the number of individuals who can participate in the test at a time.

Delivery of results takes 10 business days once we have received the sample.

The price for testing two people, including a prepaid reply envelope (customers outside Sweden pay postage).

Price: 2595 SEK ORDER

Additional participants

There is no limit to the number of individuals who can participate in mtDNA test:

Price: 2595 SEK / person ORDER

Legal mtDNA Comparison Test

Bernadotte & Falk AB also offers mtDNA Comparison Test for legal validity – Chain Of Custody. To be legally admissible, the sample donors’ identities must be verified and a Chain Of Custody must be established for all samples and documents involved. Price: 3695 SEK ORDER

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