Grandparentage Test

The required participants of a grandparentage test are the child and both grandparents on one side. Grandparent DNA testing is often initiated because of doubts about a missing or deceased alleged father’s paternity; therefore, most of these tests involve the participation of the alleged father’s biological parents. This is known as paternal grandparentage testing.

The child’s mother is encouraged to participate as well. When the mother submits a DNA sample, the laboratory can identify and eliminate her contribution to the child’s genetic profile. This, in turn, allows the lab to focus on whether the paternal grandparents contributed any DNA to the child’s genetic profile.

If the child’s mother is unavailable for testing, we can still do a grandparentage test. We will need to perform extended testing to obtain conclusive results, but we will do this for no additional fee.

Delivery of results takes 5 business days once we have received the sample.

Grandparentage Test

Grandparentage Test

20 Loci Test

This is the industry standard test, nothing more is required. The price for testing Child, mother and both grandparents a prepaid reply envelope (customers outside Sweden pay postage): 2395 SEK ORDER

25 Loci Test

This DNA test, we offer those who want more detailed DNA analysis. The price for a wider test of a child, mother and both grandparents a prepaid reply envelope (customers outside Sweden pay postage): 3295 SEK ORDER

Additional participants

Additional persons may participate in the same test. For example: siblings or other grandparents. Each additional party costs 995 SEK on top of the standard test fee.Price: 995 SEK / person ORDER

Legal Grandparentage Test

Bernadotte & Falk AB also offers Grandparentage Tests for legal validity – Chain Of Custody. To be legally admissible, the sample donors’ identities must be verified and a Chain Of Custody must be established for all samples and documents involved. Price: 3695 SEK ORDER

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