DNA Tracking Test

This test is used if you for example want to test DNA that is left from a father or a male relative (with his approval), who can´t physically take the test by themselves who could be a possible relative to the Bernadotte Royal male line.

We analyze materials such as teeth, hair, toothbrush, razors, shaving content, patches, blood, secretions from the throat or nose (tissues for example), cigarette butts, fingernails, chewing gum etc.

Stains that you think contains DNA found on textile or paper materials can be forwarded for extraction. Ensure you use sterile gloves or sterile sample collection envelope/bag so the test sample is not exposed to contamination. The test material must be dry before being packaged. NOTE: If the sample is wet, let it dry naturally and do not pack it in a sample collection envelope/bag as the sample may be open to contamination.

Note that we do not return biological materials sent to us and there is no guarantee that there is enough DNA in the submitted materials. If there is insufficient DNA, we may need to request additional samples.

The service includes one test kit (with buccal swabs) which will be used to compare the DNA of one individual against the unusual sample. Optional materials for analysis are also included. The price of one test is 2695 SEK and this includes a reply paid envelope (customers outside Sweden pay postage).

Delivery of results takes 5 business days once we have received the sample. Price: 2695 SEK ORDER

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