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Many clients have contacted us with their family histories, which often indicate Oscar I, Karl XV and Oscar II as possible alleged father or grandfather or great grandfather. Family history through church records is a supplement that can provide answers to when and where the family’s “illegitimate prince” was born, and sometimes indicates other important information.

You can carry out research in public archives and compare royal events such as trips, visits to different locations and compare the years with the illegitimate royal baby’s birth date. In this way a puzzle is added, to exclude or isolates, the king or prince, who may be involved.  Many of these children were born in a royal or royal estate, where a maid or a woman in a higher rank would have been selected by the king.

After a physical relationship, in some cases the baby got their first name from his father and surname of patronymic, for example Karl Karlsson, after Karl XV. Gifts were also common, ranging from large sums of money, to castles, cottages, medallions and jewelry.

Shame VS Pride

It was during the 1800 century, it was a crime under Swedish law to give birth to illegitimate children. Therefore the mothers were forced to specify who the father was. Besides being personally shamed, she could also be punished for this type of crime. Perhaps for these reasons, she often kept this a secret with him until his last days, when the truth came out.

Royal love life

Royalty, not just in Sweden lived a promiscuous life and that has always been accepted. Companions were often chosen out of purely political reasons, which, at best, love arose. Instead there were concubines, mistresses and other escapades to satisfy the needs of love. Today we find that the King took great liberties in his occasional encounters with women. These were, of course, usually in weak dependence and under disadvantage.

We know that some stories speak of long romances, and perhaps true love. In the 1800s, when Bernadotte´s dynasty princes and kings spread their offspring among the people, the monarchy was strong in Sweden. A Royal travelling companion at the time, it perhaps is comparable to the popularity of today’s touring idols. We talk on the other hand, seldom openly about our family histories, dealing with shame or taboo.

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