Bernadotte Test

We offer various relationship tests for the biological male line, from son to father, etc. against the Swedish Royal Family Bernadotte. This test will determine your Haplogroup, ie the origin of the world where you originated from on your paternal side, worth 1195 SEK.

Delivery of results takes 23 business days once we have received the sample.

The price to test a male person is 7495 SEK and this includes determining the Haplogroup and a reply paid envelope (customers outside Sweden pay postage). ORDER

Quality and Warranty

We got DNA sample to allow our customers to see if they’re related to Swedish royalty.


What will the test tell me?

This test will determine the probability of being biologically related or excluded. Our Royal-DNA test is performed by analyzing the Y-DNA to determine if there is biological relationship to the Royal paternal lineage.

This test is purely for self knowledge and to potentially find out if you’re indeed related to Swedish royalty. We can only determine if there is a biological connection – it will not determine the exact relationship type. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to provide this test for legal reasons. About testing a non paternal lineage see more on our services Royal Test for all lines.

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