Our DNA-services

Are you related to royalties?

Through our unique DNA test, you now have the chance to find out. We offer the largest range of DNA testing in relationship issues for competitive prices.

About our Migration/Immigration/Asylum-DNA test

Our Migration/Immigration/Asylum DNA tests are widely accepted for the Swedish Migration Board. Call us and make an appointment for sampling and cost Paternity, Maternity and Sibling Test:

0720 6122261.

About our Royal-DNA test

Bernadotte & Falk started this new and unique service to give you the option of using a simple DNA test, to find out about if your family history is true. Genealogy can now really come a step further, using advanced DNA technology. We will come to offer matching against more interesting clans to alleged descendants of both kings, princes, queens and princesses, where both men and women can get tested. The man inherits female mtDNA from their mother but there are not inherited on to his children. In the case of Bernadotte test, can only males be tested because they will be matched against the man’s Y chromosome.

See also Royal DNA test to all lines.

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